Want a small-group guided tour around Denver on mopeds? We'll take you around to learn a bit about the history, architecture, and surprising characters of the city of Denver. 

Many of our tours include a stop at the One Mile Above Sea Level step at the Colorado State Capitol.

Many of our tours include a stop at the One Mile Above Sea Level step at the Colorado State Capitol.

Scooters? For a guided tour of Denver? Why?

Are you looking for a City Tour of Denver? Looking for a Sightseeing or Historical Tour of Denver? You found it. We provide Guided Sightseeing Tours of Denver on motor scooters. We are a Bicycle Tour but supercharged, since we travel much farther and faster and you don't need to pedal in our mile-high air. We are similar to a Segway Tour, but we'll see more places and riding a scooter is actually more fun. We are similar to a a chartered coach bus city tour of Denver but with way more adrenaline. Way. We like to keep our groups small and intimate so you can ask questions. In fact, we even do Private Tours and custom Corporate Events. After the scootorial, where we train new scooter riders to ride comfortably and safely, we travel as a group on Denver's scooter-friendly streets.

Is a guided scooter tour right for me?

Our customers are people who realize they should visit a city and seek out the absolute most memorable experiences. The Segway tours are cheaper. Bus tours are even less than that. Ten bucks gets you a Denver B-Cycle. Only join us if you want to try the best thing to do in Denver that doesn't involve chemicals. With us, you'll remember your day in Denver.

You'll need to comply with our usual rules, of course. That means you'll need a valid Driver's License that shows you are 18 or older. You'll need a debit or credit card for the security deposit and payment. You'll need to be very comfortable riding a bicycle, and you'll need to forswear intoxicants before and during your experience. You'll need to show up at your scheduled time for paperwork, your scootorial, and practice in the parking lot. While the entire experience is three hours, the guided tour portion will usually be a little under two hours and we'll return you back to our starting location at 14th and California Street in downtown Denver, across from the Colorado Convention Center.

Where will we go? What will we see? How long does the Guided Tour last?



Our tours begin at the Big Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. Titled "I See What You Mean," it is Denver's favorite piece of public art. We then proceed to stops at several of the following Denver tourist locations: Confluence Park, Lower Downtown (LoDo), National Velvet, LoHi, Denver Highlands, Colorado Convention Center, Coors Field, Denver Union Station, Denver City and County Building, Colorado State Capitol, Molly Brown House, Governor's Mansion, Cheesman Park, Cap Hill Mansions, Denver Country Club's Reed Castle, Cherry Creek North, Washington Park, City Park, Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Each tour we conduct is a little bit different. Some groups like us to emphasize architectural features and styles. Others like the oversized public art. Our style is to ride carefully as a group to our next stop, pull up safely on the sidewalk, and then spend two-to-ten minutes talking about why the spot is interesting. We mostly ride on side streets, but occasionally we'll be on a multi-lane road. We'll adjust to the riding ability of the group, so the number of stops will vary.

Along the way, we tell stories about Denver's history beginning in 1858 and continuing through the trends of our modern city. Denver's early characters are brought to life and we talk about architecture, city planning, property disputes, and the undead. (Actually, we go very light on the haunted malarkey.) We usually visit various pieces of public art, private art, graffiti mural art, and stuff that is so outlandish that it must be art.

Our guided tours of Denver on motor scooters include 2 hours of guided sightseeing. We go to as many places as fit comfortably. Before we leave, we have a significant amount of time dedicated to teaching each person how to ride our scooters safely and how to ride in a group, so plan to dedicate 3 hours total. After the tour, many of our customers do not want to stop the most fun part of their visit to Denver, so they continue on their scooters for the rest of the day and explore by themselves.

Do we go into any buildings?

Seldom. We usually ride to a location, pull up on the sidewalk, take some pictures, and hear stories about the artist, architect, inhabitant, or history. We occasionally stop for a bathroom break, but we encourage you to take care of that before you leave. Each tour is different though.

Should I rent-and-ride instead?

If you are adventurous, you're probably going to want to go zooming by yourself or with whoever you came with. While on our guided tours, you'll have some time to pick up the speed and get that feeling your dog gets when he sticks his head out of the car window. Still, most of the experience will be a brief ride from one place to another and then hearing our tour guide explain the significance. Denver is easy to navigate. If you would be comfortable driving a rental car around Denver, you'll be fine with renting-and-riding. If your preference is to learn about our town in the most fun way, book a guided tour.