Questions or Advice While Riding

Do you have a safety concern? Did you have an accident or fall over? Do you have a mechanical or operational or safety question for us? Call us or text us or email us right away. Are you lost or do you need advice? Please contact us. If we can get to our phone, we’ll be happy to help. 720-523-3240

Before You Leave

Our scooters are in good condition. If you damage them, we will expect you to pay for the damage. Before you leave, we encourage you to photograph any blemishes with our special BEFORE I LEFT arrow indicating the damage.

Returning Your Scooter

Lock the back wheel of the scooter to a bike rack or some other immobile object (locking to a tree is illegal) in the location we have agreed upon. Lock your helmet in the seat or in the case if it fits. If not, try to lock the lock through the helmet also and place upright on the ground. Place glasses, vest and any other items that are ours into the seat and when completely finished toss the keys in the seat also. Close the seat and verify that it has locked. Text us that you are finished to end your time. Text any other information we need to know. If there is any damage, tell us in advance so we don’t discover it later. If you are worried about damage occurring after you lock it but before we arrive to pick it up, take a photo or two with it locked up and save the photos for a day or two as proof of the condition it was in when you returned it.

Obey All Traffic Laws

You are subject to the same rules as a car. Obey all traffic laws. That means your cell phone should be locked in the seat. You are more vulnerable than when you are in your Hummer at home. Please pay attention. Please be visible and please be careful. Of course we want our scooter back undamaged, but we also want you to come back with a smile on your face.

Speed Limit

You are not allowed on highways. Ride only on roads posted 50 mph or less. According to Colorado law, your speed limit is the posted speed limit or 40 miles per hour, whichever is lower. Your scooter will go faster than 40 mph. Your scooter will go substantially faster downhill. Please be careful.

Eye Protection Legally Required

Colorado law requires you to wear eye protection. That can be sunglasses, prescription glasses, the super-cute safety glasses we provide, or a helmet face shield. Comply with this law. Switch from your sunglasses to our safety glasses if the sunlight fades.

Wear Your Helmet

Please wear a helmet at all times. Colorado law requires anyone under 18 to wear a helmet. ScooTours Denver requires anyone under 118 to wear a helmet. If your chin strap is not attached, you aren’t wearing a helmet.


Leave your headlight on at all times. Some of our scooters have a switch on the right handlebar that will turn the headlight off. Colorado law requires you to leave this in the ON position at all times. Your high beam will not be required except if you choose to use it to signal another driver.

Starting Your Scooter

Our scooters start easily. If you have trouble, please verify the kill switch is in its proper position with the bottom part depressed. The key needs to be on and you need to be squeezing a brake lever when you push the ignition button. If it cranks but won’t start, put it on its center stand, lean it onto its front wheel, and give it some throttle while cranking it. Remember, when it starts and you are giving it throttle, the back wheel will want to turn. Problems? Call and ask about choking.

Take Up All of the Right Lane

Generally, stay in the right lane whenever it is safe. Be sure to occupy the center of your lane instead of tempting other drivers to pass you in your lane. There are no minimum speeds on non-highway roads in Colorado. Impatient drivers are free to pass legally as they would any other vehicle. You have a right to occupy your lane. Use it. You are allowed to ride two abreast, but it is safer to ride in a staggered pattern with at least a scooter length separation. Pull up two abreast at stop signs or stop lights.

Slow Down Before Curves and Turns

You may choose to supplement your flashing directional signals with hand signals for added safety. Slow down before corners and tight curves. Braking in a turn, particularly when water, sand or gravel is present, may be catastrophic. Lean into turns.

Release Throttle Before Braking

You will find it difficult to stop if you are still giving the scooter gas while you are trying to apply the brakes. Use both brakes. Be careful not to skid the front tire.

Bike Lanes, but not Bike Paths

You will occupy a lane just like a car does. Some roads have designated bicycle lanes. You are allowed in them but will seldom use them except to go past excessive traffic. Separately, there are paved bike paths around the city that are not part of the regular car roadway. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on these bike paths.

We Provide the Gasoline

We want you to have fun. Looking for a gas station and filling up with gas is not fun or necessary. Use as much as you like. You will probably not use a full tank. If you need to purchase gas to keep enjoying your ride, please buy PREMIUM gasoline and leave the receipt in the seat so we can deduct the cost. Do not add oil. We use our own special oil.


ScooTours Denver provides your state-minimum required liability insurance at no additional cost to you. However, if you hit someone or something, our insurance will ask you or your auto insurance company to pay first. If you cannot pay, our insurance covers damage to property you damage ($15,000) and any person you hurt ($25,000 up to $50,000 per accident if there are multiple people injured). Beyond these amounts, you are personally responsible. If you get hurt, your own health insurance covers you. If you are hit by someone else, his insurance may cover you. If he is uninsured, you will need to sue him for any expenses.

Did You Have Fun?

We expect that you did. If you didn’t, we need to know. If there were any mechanical or equipment problems, we need to know. If there are things we should be doing to make the experience better for the next renters, please tell us. Please email us any fun photos you’ll let us use. If you had fun, please post a comment or photos and a review on our facebook page Please write us a review on yelp or tripadvisor or google plus or some other place. We will be very grateful, but we do not pay for reviews or offer discounts or otherwise try to influence your review. Before writing anything negative, please give us a chance to make it right for you by letting us know.