Though you have free rein to travel wherever you like on your new set of wheels, below are several ideal circular trails for scooter riding. See more Denver in a way that you cannot see by vehicle, foot, or even bicycle.

A biker ride through a rock tunnel in Morrison at Red Rocks Ampitheatre.

A biker ride through a rock tunnel in Morrison at Red Rocks Ampitheatre.

The Adrenaline Junkie

Speed towards the foothills and set out on a mini road-trip towards Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. You'll pass browsing deer as you ride through the sandstone arch. You'll visit the Red Rocks museum if you are wise. If you are feeling ambitious, there are some beautiful hikes we can suggest in this area as well. Lock up your scooter and set off by foot. Make sure you use the sunscreen we provide as you will be gaining some serious elevation! Note: This is for competent riders only with a full day of good weather. If you are feeling uncertain of your riding abilities, please select a different route. Here is a downloadable map:

Denver Underground

You may hear whispers of the word ‘hipster’ being slung around in conversation among Denverites. Whether you would call yourself one or not, it’s pretty hard to avoid here in the Mile High City. Park on the sidewalk and step into a South Broadway retro diner. If you spill green chile on your pants, there are plenty of vintage clothing boutiques to help you recover. Zip over to the Santa Fe Arts District to visit inspiring galleries. Just when you think you have had enough thick-rimmed glasses, steer towards RiNo Art District to scope out some of Denver’s best up-and-coming restaurants and small companies including the Chocolate Crisis Center.

Good Ol'Fashioned Denver

Take a tour around historical Denver to capture its essence in a few square miles. You will recognize most of the buildings and landmarks you see as being monumental to Denver’s foundation. Fly by the Colorado Capitol building, browse the Denver Art Museum, grab a hearty sandwich from Tony’s Market, or head out towards Cherry Creek and get your shopping fix. There is something for everyone on this tour. Here's a downloadable map to follow:

Un Poco De Todo Loopo

A little history downtown followed by REI, Highlands and Sloan's Lake. And some taco surprises along the way. Arriba!

Wherever I May Roam

Dear renter, feel free to choose your own adventure. Explore metropolitan Denver and vicinity. Take your scooter to RiNo, Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, Washington Park or the Denver Highlands. Zoom south to Englewood and Littleton. Race east to Glendale and Aurora. Visit Wheat Ridge, Arvada and Westminster to the northwest. Journey west to Lakewood and Golden. You can even swing over to Northfield or Commerce City though frankly we aren't certain why. We'll let you ride your scooter all around the Denver metro area and provide you an area map. When you want to head back, steer toward the tall buildings and look for the Big Blue Bear.